PRIDE ARTICLE - This Pop Duo (& Real-Life Couple) Dropped a New Song 'Love Me Less?'



Childhood sweethearts Alyssa and Jillian make up our new favorite duo, Maple St.

With the playful pop ease of groups like Tegan and Sara and Bleachers, their new song, "Love Me Less?" asks what happens when the honeymoon phase is over in the most adorably queer way. 

"'Love Me Less?' follows a storyline that isn't 100 percent accurate to ours, but it's absolutely about us," the duo tells PRIDE. "We started dating at 16, and that process of growing up together wasn't always easy. We had to give each other room to become adults, and we had to transition from the honeymoon phase to the rest of our relationship (something every couple goes through). Those are topics that couples don't really talk about, but it's something we thought deserved some more open honesty."

Vibrant synths, a driving bassline, and glimmering vocals coalesce into a track that commands you to get up and groove. For Alyssa and Jillian, it's their favorite track they've made thus far and was therapeutic to create, "not to mention it was one of the first songs that helped us find our sound as a band."

"Alyssa and I spent a few weeks working on an album for our good friend DJ [Rythm], and one day during a lunch break, Alyssa began playing this really cool guitar riff," said Jillian. "I immediately heard the hook in my head, and then over the next few days, we filled in the rest of the song together. We sat down with DJ to produce it, and when we herd it finished for the first time, it was kind of magical. We had just finished Holes in my Shoes and were a little worried we wouldn't be able to follow it up, but I think it's an even better track."

So what's next for Maple St.? "We plan to continue releasing a single each month so we can give each song the attention that it deserves. We are sitting on several songs right now that we are equally as excited to release, so it's going to be an exciting year!"