"Holes In My Shoes" - REVIEW

Written by: ELENA NAZE

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From Maple St., an LA-based LGBTQ+ pop duo comprised of Alyssa Wilkens and Jillian Allen, comes their debut single “Holes in My Shoes”. The two describe their sound as something fit for 1980s themed proms, dancing in the kitchen, and mid-week existential crises. 

The song starts out with soft, clean vocals and indie-pop backing instrumentals, allowing the heartbreaking lyrics their deserved spotlight.

“Hold me farther if it’s easier than close” and “cause we grow apart each time that we grow” are perhaps some of the saddest—and most real—lyrics to come out of a breakup song; and they appear before the chorus even starts.

All the song’s vocals, lyrics, and instrumentals plateau in the best part of the song: the chorus. With its dynamic vocals that motivate the listener to sing along, paired with a 1980s-inspired synthesizer, it sounds like something straight from the Stranger Things soundtrack. 

To wind down the chorus, Maple St. belts out the song’s title in a heartbreaking lyric that sums up the desperation relatable for everyone who has clung onto a relationship, singing, “I’m trying hard to catch up to you, but all I’ve got are holes in my shoes”.

After the second chorus, the duo introduces a unique kind of a capella section filled with quiet synthesizers, guitar, and a lot of vocal layering. It’s trippy, clearly a nod to psychedelic pop rather than the over-the-top producing a lot of modern pop songs favor. 

“Holes in My Shoes” is a fun and unique heartbreak song that could fit inside the soundtracks of Perks of Being a Wallflower or any John Green movie without a second thought. It’s the perfect debut single for Maple St.

If the rest of the songs on Maple St.’s upcoming EP are just as good as this, they should have a hit for every teen and young adult in need of the perfect soundtrack to their lives.