Alyssa Wilkens & Jillian Allen are the queer couple behind the pop duo, Maple St. This LA-based group is constantly creating synth-driven pop songs straight out of your favorite coming of age film.


Maple St.'s first singles have been warmly welcomed by their growing fanbase with over 130k streams Spotify, and several publications - including an article on PRIDE. After dropping four tracks in four months, they are now in the process of finishing their debut EP, to be released early fall of 2020. 


After meeting and falling in love at sixteen, Alyssa & Jillian began creating music together in their bedrooms. Now in their early 20's, after many years of experimenting with their style, they are ready to put their joint work into the world. 


Together, Jillian (songwriter/vocalist) and Alyssa, (songwriter/producer) create 80's themed synth-pop - perfect for your late-night drives and kitchen dance parties. They aspire to blend catchy melodies with meaningful lyrics in everything they write. 


Their newest song 'Rockstar" is OUT NOW!

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